Hajj Packages From Washington DC

Umrah Packages From Washington DC

Hajj Umrah Packages from Washington DC

Hajj and Umrah are one of the blessed obligations to be performed by every Muslim throughout the World. Hajj is supposed to be performed once in a lifetime if the person is physically and financially sound enough to do while Umrah is not obligatory.

Muslims from the world have to travel to sacred cities of Makkah and Medina for the sake of performance of duties. To make sure that your journey is organized appropriately, international hajj takes care of the following things:


The first and foremost thing a person looks in a package is its affordability. The affordability of the package depends on the type of package you are opting for. The packages differ in the number of days and facilities that it provides.

International Hajj has designed all kinds of packages for Umrah Packages from Washington DC that include accommodation, food, and transport.

Similarly, they also have the best quality services in Hajj Packages from Washington, DC.

Customized Options

International Hajj deals with two kinds of packages, one with the group and one being the personal one.

People can opt from both according to their choices, however, the prices may vary.

International hajj also provides customized options such as rooms for single double and quads, they also accommodate the change of flight route.


Hajj and Umrah are crucial obligations. If a person is performing these obligations for the first time he/she might need proper guidance on all the steps throughout the journey.

International Hajj provides assistance from the beginning to the end of the journey and also provides guide pamphlets in different languages to keep you aware of the process.

If you are planning for a safe and pleasant journey from Washington DC, check International Hajj’s packages.