Hajj Packages From California

Hajj packages from the New York

  • A1 Makkah program – Luxury guaranteed: the A1 program Makkah program provides with the accommodation of five-star hotels, which allows them to spend their entire month quite comfortably. The entire hajj process, step by step, will be well organized. Departure will be arranged from the state of New York and further, it will be landed to Jeddah. A seventeen days long trip will be organized in this package where different days will be spent at different places but all the accommodations provided to the customers will be five stars and filled with amenities.
  • B2 Madinah first package- easy on your wallet: The B2 Madinah first package is another quite affordable package from Houston and New York. The accommodations in this package are also five stars and the meal plans are also well designed. Open buffets will be provided in the hotels of Makkah, Madinah, and Jeddah.

The commuting between Muzadilfa, Mena, and Arafat will be well managed by the company and that too in a way that would reduce the amount of time required for it. All the busses utilized for this would be air-conditioned and highly comfortable. This package would cost you around 10,500$ per person.

B2 packages have different variants like Madina first, Economy, Express, etc.

Umrah Packages From California

Umrah Packages from the New York

  • Economy Packages: The economy umrah package offered by the company comes with three variants five days package, seven days package and the double room package. Each particular offer and package comes with its own significant facilities. By paying around 45$/night you could easily get the hotel around the boundary of haram, perfect for elderly people. All these are umrah packages with flights included.
  • Silver Packages: Silver umrah package contains special package deal options from which the customers can actually choose whatever comes within their budget so it is customizable. These USA umrah packages also come in three options including the 5 nights stay, 7 nights stay and the 10 nights stay, with flights included for as low as 55$/night
  • Gold Packages: those who want to seek maximum comfort while performing Umrah. This gold umrah package comes with three offers: 5 nights(109$/night), 7 nights(92$/night) and 10 nights(84$/night) offers. You can, as a customer, choose one option according to the duration that you want to spend during the process. Whichever you opt, you will be able to receive maximum comfort and luxury in the form of facilities and amenities.

Hajj and Umrah Packages from New York

Muslims residing in the states, particularly in New York find it difficult to embark on this journey as a major issue faced by them is the unavailability of trustworthy companies that will provide them with proper Hajj and Umrah facilities.

To deal with this, a number of Hajj and Umrah package providing companies are generously available for people to choose from, one of such companies that have been providing with excellent and affordable Hajj and Umrah Packages from New York is Internationalhajj.com

Why do you need a Hajj/Umrah package?

Traveling to another country is not easy if you have not planned things in a proper manner. It is always important to choose a company wisely. If you go with a package, everything from the flight to a hotel stay is sought after and this surely saves pilgrims from last minute hassle. All you need to do is let them know all your requirements and select the package as per your affordability.

Companies usually provide a wide range of options, which makes it easier to for everyone to afford to go on this surreal experience, visiting the home of almighty.