Hajj Packages 2019

Hajj Packages 2019 USA

Hajj is a very special prayer, and Muslims all over the world are always looking for a perfect opportunity to perform it. However, it is also true that the Process of pilgrimage is extremely difficult.

People residing in the states United of America especially find it difficult owing to the fact that it is difficult for them to find someone who would provide them with the perfect opportunity of making this event easier.

Our company, for last twenty has been providing people with the opportunity of performing Hajj in an easier manner. We have special hajj packages from USA that are especially for the Muslims residing in the various states of America.

Our services include providing our customers with Hajj packages that are according to their budget, arranging their accommodating closer to Haram that they do not have to walk several miles to reach their destination, arranging a guide for each family to help them at every step of the pilgrimage and making sure they do not face any difficulty whatsoever.

Also, our USA Hajj packages come with quite a lot of range in terms of economical facilities and make the decision talking process easier for the potential customers of the company.

A1 Economy – Makkah First

Saudi Arabia
Min Age : No
Max People : UpTo You
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8 Night Economy Umrah Package

B2 Madinah First – Hajj 2019

Madinah First
Min Age : No
Max People : UpTo You
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B6 Medina Hajj Package 2019

Min Age : NO
Max People : NO
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Hajj and our Hajj Packages 2019

Hajj is a very special act of worship that Muslims from all over the world perform every year. Hajj is a far that Muslims are obligated to perform once in their lifetime. The reason why Hajj is required to be performed just once in a lifetime for Muslims is the fact that it is costly as well as difficult to perform owing to the physical constraints required to complete it. Owing to it being an economically tough activity, every year, it provides oil-rich countries an ability to earn loads of money which converts this obligation to a financial asset to them.

This has been adopted as a business for most of the Hajj services agencies, and they end up making loads of money out of it. Converting hajj into a capitalistic activity, companies have started asking people to pay a lot of money to manage their Hajj program. This, at times, makes it difficult for the people to embark on this special journey of pilgrimage.

The high cost of hajj packages offered by a lot of companies to the people makes it difficult for them to go ahead for them. In such a situation, our company provides its customers with the best possible solutions to it. Being one of the premium companies providing customers with the most cost-effective hajj packages, this company is the first choice of most of the people aiming to go for Hajj. Our company has been in this business for more than twenty years, which has made it one of the most sought after companies for the people.

Live in the USA? Not a problem anymore.

International Hajj is the company that is available for people who reside in the United States of America. Owing to living in western countries, it makes it difficult for them to find a company that provides them with the USA Hajj Packages. Every person who looks forward to getting their hands on the cheap hajj packages that are comfortable as well, you need to look for the various offers offered by our company.

Making the choice of package easier

The various offers offered by the company to its customers include: the A1 program Makkah, B1 deluxe program, B2 Madinah program, B3 super deluxe program Madinah first express, B4 Madinah express, B5 elite plus Madinah first express with each offer having a different set of facilities and amenities offered to its customers.

According to the budget requirements of every person, the company customized him the right kind of package that is just according to his comfort level. Our hajj packages from new York and our hajj packages from California come with an excellent level of facilities that make the entire process of Hajj easier.

A1 program Makkah program; a luxury program

The A1 program Makkah program provides its customers with the accommodation of five-star hotels, which allows them to spend their entire month quite comfortably. Hajj as the whole process, step by step, will be well organized.

Departure will be arranged from the state of New York, and further, it will be landed to Jeddah. The round trip to Saudi Arabia for Hajj will be extremely cost-effective. A seventeen days long trip will be organized in this package where different days will be spent at different places, but all the accommodations provided to the customers will be five stars and filled with amenities.

B2 Madinah first package; considering your budget

The B2 Madinah first package is another quite affordable package that includes hajj packages from Chicago and hajj packages from Houston. The accommodations in this package are also five stars and the meal plans are also well designed.  Open buffets will be provided in the hotels of Makkah, Madinah, and Jeddah.

The commuting between Muzadilfa, Mena, and Arafat will be well managed by the company and that too in a way that would reduce the amount of time required for it. All the busses utilized for this would be air-conditioned and highly comfortable. With a price money of 10,500$ per person, you can get a quad room, 11,200$ will get you a triple room while the amount of 12,200$ will get you a double room.

What are you waiting for?

You can avail the cheapest hajj packages if you cannot afford high-end hotels and pay a fortune for your Hajj trip. These Hajj 2019 USA Packages are some of the finest ones, which you can avail to continue with your plans for the trip to the Holy Home of Allah. Opting for our company will aid you in waning off all the fears that appear when a person decides to embark on this journey.

These packages are for year 2019. Hajj policy for year 2023 yet to be announced.