Hajj Packages From California

Hajj packages from Chicago

To assist people from the US, International Hajj has been offering its Hajj services and packages for quite some time. Comfort is one of the most basic requirements of Hajis during the tough month of Zil-Hajj, the month in which Hajj is performed.

Not to mention, many such agencies and guides charge several thousand dollars from people. By acquiring our services, you will be amazed to see the differences and the cost-effective solutions that we have to provide for our beloved Muslims.
Our Hajj Packages from Chicago will allow you to travel with lesser hassles and make sure your loved ones can be with you.

As these Hajj Packages are entirely economical. To accommodate people of different styles, our packages and services are customized for every package and has a different list of amenities or services included.

Here’s a list of a few Hajj packages which are offered by us:

A1 Program Makkah
• B1 Program
B2 Madinah Program
B3 Super Deluxe Madinah First Express
B4 Madinah Express
B5 Elite Plus Madinah First Express

Some packages ensure luxury while others are for people with a tighter budget. But, rest assured, each package has several basic services which are either not in the Hajj packages offered by other companies or are not available at all.

Umrah Packages From California

Umrah packages from Chicago

Umrah is another divine and the sacred religious activity performed by hundreds and thousands of Muslims all over the world. International Hajj understands the needs of people and offers some of the best and affordable Umrah Packages.

To assist in commutes, accommodation, travel guide, and other important needs, help is already included in your package. The Umrah facilities included in each package are to make sure your experience isn’t tarnished by the heat or the unavailability of certain amenities.

Umrah Packages 2019 are divided into three categories, each of which, with a different number of sub-packages with gold offering the most luxurious services and bronze offering the most basic ones. The prices for each vary with the services but begins with a minimum of $500.

So, if you are looking for Umrah Packages from Chicago or Hajj Packages from Chicago, look no further as International Hajj’s packages are customized to your personal needs and seek to offer you the best services there are to offer.

Hajj Umrah Packages from Chicago

Hajj is the most sacred pilgrimage in Islam and is obligatory on each and every Muslim, to be performed once in the entirety of life. Often, people hold back their intentions to perform Hajj due to the many difficulties they face, under the scorching heat, in Mecca.

But, half of these difficulties lie in the process of making it to Mecca, in time for Hajj or Umrah. People from the United States (US) face extreme difficulties in arranging services, hiring travel agents, availing guides, or opportunities which can offer them a chance to offer their religious duty.