Cheap Flights from Riyadh to Islamabad

Cheap Flights from Riyadh to Islamabad:

Most of the people prefer to travel through the air while going to someplace. The air route is the most convenient form of travel. Is safe and you can reach your destination faster. Some people can’t afford the heavy price of the flights but they have to travel through the air for them there is the availably of cheap flights.

It makes it convenient for such people who are not able to purchase expensive tickets. The total distance between Riyadh and Islamabad is 1680 miles. There are only 4 flights that take a departure from Riyadh to Islamabad. Some flights go direct and some of them stop. The nonstop fastest Airline from Islamabad to Riyadh is Flynas.

There are many other Airlines like Abu Dhabi, Arab Emirate but they stop during the travel.  The total time the direct flights take from Riyadh to Islamabad is 4 hours and 15 minutes. The cheapest flight is Gulf Air with only RS 56,214. PIA also flies from Riyadh to Islamabad with a ticket price of 60,185. Similarly, there are many other Airlines that fly from Riyadh to Islamabad with a cheap plane ticket.

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