Hajj Packages From California

Hajj packages from California

As Hajj is a long and responsible process, the Hajj package should be full of comforting facilities to ease the process and the difficulties the Hajis are going to endure to perform their religious duties.

Keeping these considerations in mind and more, International Hajj has one of the best packages which are catered for people of all kinds and ensures a successful journey to and from California.

Packages include all the basic facilities such as food, accommodation, visa processing, and local transfers.

Umrah Packages From California

Umrah packages from California

International hajj has categorized several packages in economy, silver and gold categories. Each for all sets of budgets and the number of days you want to stay there.

The packages range from $525-$1050/person which is absolutely a bargain for the facilities and services they provide.

International Hajj’s Umrah packages 2019 also provide the visa processing, guidance at airport and transportation as well.

Hajj Umrah packages from California

Hajj and Umrah are the mandatory pilgrimages for all those Muslims who are financially and physically stable to do so. It requires extreme knowledge about the steps to be followed during the pilgrimage as one minor mistake can result in a blunder.

Many Muslims visit the holy city of Makkah every year to offer their necessary obligations. And, to offer their Hajj or Umrah with lesser troubles and more comfort, people opt for appropriate Hajj and Umrah packages with which they can easily travel and focus on performing their Islam activities with utmost love and devotion.

Supporting Muslims all over the world and the United States (US), International Hajj, provides easy and pocket-friendly packages for Hajj and Umrah from California, and other states or cities of the US.