Hajj Packages 2019

Now, not everyone is lucky enough to score a name in the government-financed hajj scheme. The hajj scheme that is financed by the government requires people to pay a lower amount of money compared to the hajj groups that arrange this activity. However, if a person doesn’t get his name in the government-financed scheme, he is bound to apply for the private hajj system. As these individual activities are extremely expensive, most of the people avoid them and eventually, never go for Hajj. However, the Hajj Packages 2019 by internationalhajj surely let the people embark on this journey in low rates.

Top Hotels

Affordable 3 Star, 4 Star & 5 Star Hotels, While visiting another country for the purpose of performing hajj or ummrah, one usually finds it difficult to get the bookings of some comfortable hotels. Most of the times, it is extremely tough to decide which facility of a hotel to avail, and which amenity of the other hotel to let go of. This is especially tough for the people who are visiting this holy place for the first time. They need to keep their travelling time less and enhance the comfort level of living in the hotel. The internationalhajj, in this regard, provide its customers with the best offers possible.

Umrah Packages 2019

The performance of Umrah is indeed a thing of great honour for all the Muslims. No matter to which country does a person belong, he would always want to perform Umrah whenever he is able to do so. However, the unavailability of the right information and the lack of trust over companies aiding people to perform this task hinder the process. Nonetheless, our company, internationalhajj, provides its customers with the best umrah packages 2019, the best facilities to complete the umrah and all the required things in the right amount of money and according to the affordability of clients.

Proudly Serving The Community For Over 20 Years

Trusting on a company to manage your umrah or hajj is a bit tricky. One gets really skeptical while choosing any of the given options as trusting a private company for the whole hajj or umrah activity is indeed tough. At times, you end up being stranded with no further option available just because you chose a company ‘recommended by someone’ without conducting a proper research pertaining to umrah packages from USA. Being in service for last 20 years, internationalhajj is quite aware of the demands on customers and provides them with exactly what they want.

Group Booking

People who want to visit the holy place of Makkah and Madina can get their entire groups registered through our company. This way, they will be able to get great discounts and privileges.

Group Booking

Travelling can be an issue when you are living in a different country for some time. Our company ensures proper and timely car bookings for the visitors for all the Hajj packages from USA.

Travel Insurance

In order to avoid all kinds of issues pertaining to accidents and mishaps, travel insurance is provided to the people of all ages who embark on this special journey to the holy place.

Travel Guidelines

Finding the right ways to the unfamiliar places is tough. One needs proper guidance for that. Our company provides its customers with detailed and proper guidelines in order to avoid any inconvenience.

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